Housing Committee (subcommittee of Economic Restructuring Committee)


Chair: Jim Bintz

Rome’s physical structure presents an interesting challenge to an organization such as Rome Main Streets. Downtown urban core residential units are very limited. Having a significant inventory of historic homes directly adjacent provides a wonderful historic context for the community but the realities of what it costs to rehab and restore these structures without significant assistance is prohibitive. Rome Main Streets is actively working to:


  • Educate the community regarding design guideline standards – and eventually get these guidelines passed as local ordinance.

  • Research the downtown neighborhoods and determine the actual historic structures and boundaries of these districts – with an eye to future historic status on local, state and federal levels.

  • Determine area boundaries for special tax incentives (special economic zones) to encourage both residential and business investment.

  • Engage developers and business owners to construct both low-mod and market rate new urban housing above commercial business infill.

  • Shepherd the creation of an affiliated not-for-profit CHDO (Community Housing Development Organization) in order to assist the City of Rome and Rome Main Streets with comprehensive housing needs into the future.